Here you will find information about Stage One Parties. Please do not hesitate to email us with any further questions.

1. How do I book?

First, confirm with the office that the date you require is available. Then complete the booking form which you can find on our website. Or this can be sent to you via email or post. This must be sent to back us along with a 50% deposit.

2. What happens next?

We will send you confirmation of your party booking. A week before the party you will receive a telephone call to go through any final party details.

3. How long do the parties run for?

Please see the Party Prices. If you would like your party to run a little longer, please state this in the booking form and we will be more than happy to tailor it to suit your requirements.

4. How many entertainers will there be?

To ensure the safety of the children and to create a better party service for all the guests, we always supply a minimum of two-party hosts at our themed parties.

Up to 20 children: One Stage One Party leader and one assistant. 

21 - 30 children: 2 Stage One Party leaders and one assistant.


5. Are the themed parties suitable for both girls and boys? 

Most of our themed parties are entertaining for both girls and boys. Our entertainers are used to entertaining mixed groups. There are of course themes and characters for boys and girls.

6. What footwear should the children bring?

For all Dancing Parties, we recommend that the children wear trainers or pumps.

7. Does Stage One supply fancy dress outfits?

Stage One does not provide fancy dress for the guests. However, Stage One recommends Arabesque, Zinc Arts, High Street, Chipping Ongar. CM5 0AD

8. What type of venue should I choose?

We can come to any venue of your choice such as a community or church hall, party venue or even at your home. Please be aware that if you wish to have your party at home, you will need a space of at least 7m x 7m and we recommend that you clear any dangerous or fragile objects away. 

9. How far doe the Stage One team travel?

NB We are based in Buckhurst Hill (IG9) and our costs include travel up to a 10-mile radius. If you are further afield please ask us for a travel quote.


10. What if your entertainer is ill?

In the event that the booked entertainer is sick or unable to attend we will endeavour to send another one of our team to host the party. We will always do our best to ensure that your child has a great time.

12. Does Stage One supply food?

It is the responsibility of the party host/organizer to arrange food and drink for the children.

13. Does Stage One supply decorations?

Stage One can supply both balloons and decorations at an extra cost. Please ask the office for a quote.

14. Parents supervision?

Please note that our entertainers are there to entertain the children. 

Parental supervision is a must at any party to ensure the well being of the children.

For up to 25 children we advise that at least 6 adults/parents are present.

At the party and for between 25 - 45 children there should be a minimum of 15 adults/parents.

The organiser of the party is responsible for the children at all times therefore 1 adult must be present in the party room at all times. 

NB our party team are DBS checked ‘formally CRB, so that the children will be in safe hands and have lots of fun on their special day.



15. What time does the team arrive?

For one of our themed parties, the team will arrive 1 hour before the party starts. They will require an area to get changed.

The team will arrive 20/30 mins before a character appearance or character party.


16. How much does a party cost?

All our prices are on our Party Price page.

Please contact the office if you would like a quote for a bespoke event, balloons, party bags or any requirements.


17. Is there an additional cost for a joint party?

A fee of £10.00 is charged for an additional birthday child.


Please note: Many of our party characters are created by Stage One. Others may represent characters from traditional tales of old.  We do not claim to be associated with any major brand or trademark.