Add balloons to you event. 

We can add balloons to your event. From single latex to clusters, themed foils and numbers.


Individual latex balloons in primary colours or pearl colours with helium and ribbon £1
Individual latex balloons with a print on them with helium and ribbon £1.50


Balloons Prices



Individual latex balloons  with helium and ribbon £1.00    (These come in a huge range of colours or pearl colours)

Individual latex balloons with print £1.50     (These come in a wonderful range of designs & colours)



Foils from £2.99 

Large numbers from £5.99  

Large letters from £5.99

Helium and ribbons included 


3 clusters of latex balloons is £4.00 (with weight) Pattened Balloons £5.50
5 clusters of latex balloons is £6.00 (with weight) Pattened Balloons £8.00
7 clusters of latex balloons is £8.00 (with weight) Pattened Balloons £10.00

2 latex & one small foil (for example star) - £6.00


Birthday Table options:

Large numbers from - £5.99

Cluster - large Foil - 2 x small foil  + 2 latex - £16.99

Cluster - large Foil - 2 latex - £11.99



  • An individual number as a cluster with 2 latex balloons looks very pretty with an additional £1 per balloon to add to the price. 


  • Clusters of latex balloons look brilliant being used as table centres or each side of the birthday cake. They look best in odd numbers of balloons I.e 3,5,7. 


  • Another also very popular cluster is one foil balloon + latex balloons below.


  • I.e a happy birthday foil balloon plus 2 latex balloons is a great cluster of balloons to have.


  • If you want to go all out why not have.. 1 large foil balloon + 2 small foils + 2 latex balloons at the price of £18 this is perfect for the entrance of the party or the main table of the party.


Other options available.