Rock the Mouse Party - It's Bowtastic          Ages 4 - 8yrs

Come and enter the world of Mickey and Minnie in this exciting Bowtastic Party.


Who’s the leader of the club that’s meant for you and me?

Yep that’s right, Mickey & Minnie and they love to party, play games & sing some of Mickey’s favourite songs. 

Join Minnie at her very own Bowtique as she gets ready for the party.

It’s all aboard the choo choo express as we venture into this non-stop fun adventure consisting of endless singing, endless dancing and endlesss game playing. 


I hope you're ready to get your party ears on as Mickey and Minnie are ready to come out and play!

This party is great for young kids, funny and colourful.





The Party
  • Interactive adventure & story telling

  • Banners

  • 2 entertainers & 1 assistant

  • Themed games and prizes

  • Full of dancing & games

  • Mickey & Minnie characters

  • Treasure hunt for Minnies Bow's

  • Gift for the Birthday child



  • Mickey

  • Minnie

Party Price

The Bowtastic Party starts at £350.00.


There will be an additional cost for over 20 children of £5.00 per hour.