Elf Visits in your home - 30 mins


This Christmas, why not have a visit from one of our Christmas Elves!


Our Elves work all day and night in the toy shop making the wonderful toys and gifts to bring you on your Christmas visit, along with a personalised letter from Santa Claus!


Join us for a Christmas adventure full with mystical stories, Christmas songs and magical wishes!


Make your winter sparkle and have a Christmas like never before!

1 child - £50

Extra children - £5 each

Elf Visits

Christmas Parade Dancers
Holiday Presents

Elf Parties

Elf Christmas Parties in your home or chosen party venue - 1 hour



Us Elves really know how to party!


Join us for a Christmas party with a message from Santa Claus, some fun games and some Christmas wishes… not to mention us Elves love to dance!


Book an Elf party now and celebrate the festive spirit!

£10 per child (minimum of 8, maximum of 15)

School Visits

Elf School Visits - 45 mins

Make your school assemblies sparkle with a visit from our Christmas Elves in true pants style!


Join us for a Christmas adventure as the Elves show you what it’s really like to live in the North Pole! Sing some Christmas songs, play some festive games and party… Elf style!


Book an Elf assembly now and don’t miss out on the festive fun!

£150 (2 Elves)

Santa Gathering
Christmass Classroom

Nursery Visits