Pinkerbelle's Party

Meet our very own Stage One Fairy.

Her name is Pinkerbell.


Come and party with Pinkerbelle and her fairy friends as they venture to the land of 'Happily Ever After' where fairies make birthday dreams come true. Stage One's very own Pinkerbelle fairy has her own party adventure and she invites you to join her on your special day as she dances to her favourite fairy songs, plays her favourite fairy games and performs her favourite fairy magic. You will also be joined by our eccentric superstar DJ, Mr King who has the ultimate party playlist prepared for you on your special day. This fun-packed, magical party will also provide you with a chance to be on Pinkerbelle's exciting new tv show which is an opportunity not to be missed! 


This party promises to make your child's birthday the most magical in the storybook ending 'Happily Ever After'.

Only if you believe in Fairy Tales….



The Party
  • Interactive adventure & story telling. Full of dancing & games.

  • 2 costumed entertainers & 1 assistant

  • Castle Banners

  • Story Telling & Props

  • Treasure Hunt & Sweets




Character Options:


  • Pinkerbelle

  • The King

  • Busy Bee



Party Price

The Pinkerbelle party starts at £350.00.




If you would like additional characters, balloons or Party bags please ask for a quote.