Children's Parties at Stage One meet the children of Oaklands School

Christmas 2014 Oakland saw the arrival of 2 of their most favorite characters when Elsa and Kristoff arrived for the day. Wow what fun thay had.

One could say it was not your usual day at school for the children of Oakland primary in Loughton. The children had been working hard all year and being big fans of the epic film Frozen they had be rewarded with watching the film before braking up for there Christmas holiday’s. Unbeknown to them we made a special call to our Frozen friends Elsa and Kristoff to surprise them in person.

The children were all glued to the TV screen singing along to their favourite songs, then with a bit of magic from our Ice Queen Elsa, every young girl and boys dreams become a reality. It was truly amazing to see the eyes and the children’s face’s saying “Is this really happening?” As Elsa and Kristoff walked into the classroom to meet and wish all the children a Merry Christmas.

They stayed for sometime talking and singing all the Frozen songs with the children. After many photos and memories shared Elsa and Kristoff had to get back on the sleigh and head home to Arendelle. It was truly a magical surprise and great fun meeting the Oakland primary school children and teachers. A Christmas wish that will be cherished forever.

Elsa meets the Childdren at Oaklands school
Oaklands School Appearence

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