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New Cinderella Costume & Party

April 4, 2015

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Meet Dave and Fizzy Pop

March 5, 2015

Meet Dave and Fizzy Pop. there are our 2 new characters for our new POP PARTY. If you love dancing and singing then this party is for you. This party rocks and is great for both boys and girls.


Dave & Fizzy-Pop   

Meet two of the most energised, coolest and non-stop party animals from the Stage One Parties team. These crazy cats know one thing and that’s how to PARTIE! Dave The Rave & Fizzy-Pop guarantee to have you laughing, dancing and will entertain you to the max!  

Fizzy-Pop is the Dancing Queen. From hip-hop to pop she’s guaranteed to make the party rock!

And Dave is the original dancing king. When he puts his disco shoes on who knows what will happen. 



Dave The Rave:


 All music. (If it’s got a beat I’ll move my feet)

 Party games especially musical statues.

 Load outrageous clothes. (the brighter the cooler the better)

 Pizza with pineapple. Yummy!



Anyone who doesn’t want to party.






Anything pop! Pop music, lolly-pop’s and Rice Krispies. They go snap, crackle and pop!

Singing. I once had my own TV show you know. It was FAB!

Birthday cake. It’s my fav!



Bad out of tune music. 

Fizzy drinks. (Ironic with my name) Don’t have too much sugar kids!

When the party ends! Just one more song? PLEASE HEHEHEHE!



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