New Cinderella Costume & Party

The wonderful story of Cinderella has captured us all for many years. It has made us laugh and cry. With such wonderful characters it has been one of the most popular children's stories. And now in 2015 we are all so excited to watch this new film that comes to the screans in March. It has inspired us at Stage One to create a new party called The Glass Slipper. At this party the children will follow a Pantominie style party full of fun, games and laughter. Today the Cinderella costume arrived. And we we are all so excited at the arrival of our new Cinderella costume. And we love a princess dress here at Stage One Children's Parties and this new ball gown Cinderella dress has to be one of our favourites! From the beautiful shimmery material to the 3D butterfly detailing at the top of the dress. If you want to blow your child away on the day of her birthday then this is defiantly the princess to book! All we need now are some talking mice...


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